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A Goldfish Bowl is Not a Good Home

A Goldfish Bowl is Not a Good Home

By Ong Hui Woo

Goldfish bowls are cute, and they fit the deco of your room easily, but they are not ideal for keeping goldfishes. If you intend to keep goldfish for long, a tank would be more suitable, plus your goldfishes would be happier too. A tank would be the best home for your goldfish, it would give you more space for a filter, decorations and plants.

Goldfish are often mistreated in the belief that they are sturdy and will survive in all conditions. This belief has led to the death of many fish and disappointment for many owners. The fact to begin with is: GOLDFISH ARE DIRTY!

They can’t stop eating and will regurgitate a lot of food. They also dredge up the bottom in search of food and make the water murky and dirty. This reduces the oxygen content of the water and increases the toxin levels, harming the fish and sometimes killing them.

With goldfish, you need to have a very efficient water filtration system and will have to change at least 1/4th of the water every week! You also need to be careful that you don’t overcrowd the tank as goldfish need a lot of oxygen to attain sexual maturity and growth. A clear sign of oxygen deprivation is your goldfish hitting the surface gasping for breath.

So a few things to consider when planning a home for your goldfish:

1. Space: Decide where you will place the tank even before you bring in one! The surface should be smooth and flat and should accommodate the entire tank. There should be an electrical connection nearby and the tank should not be in the way. Bumping against the tank will scare the fish and it might even be dangerous if you have a small child whizzing around on a tricycle.

2. Water quality: The water in the tank should be absolutely clean and well oxygenated. Choose a good filter and air pump too. The oxygen in the tank will not only help the fish but also the beneficial bacteria that are required in the tank.

3. Plants in the tank: You might have imagined a tank full of green aquarium plants and golden fishes but it is not a prudent idea. Goldfish uproot and eat aquarium plants. This causes a rise in ammonia levels that is dangerous for the goldfish. Consider planting artificial plants instead if you like the image so much. Once your aquarium is established you can introduce some live plants but you will have to consult a specialist for advice on which plants can be maintained in a goldfish aquarium.

4. Gravel: Gravel at the bottom of the tank helps with the oxygen levels in the tank. You should use at least a one-inch layer. Wash the gravel well before you lay it out.

5. Decorations: Goldfish-like points of interest and hiding places in the aquarium. You can go ahead and have fun selecting aquarium decorations for this tank. Ensure that the pieces you select are smooth with no sharp or jutting edges.

Ong Hui Woo

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