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Decorating Your Tropical Aquarium

Decorating Your Tropical Aquarium

By Lee Dobbins

Having a tropical aquarium can be a fun hobby as well as a great way to add a decorative focal point to any room. Everyone knows that filtration and lighting are key elements to an aquarium, but many people don’t realize that the “decorations” in your tank also have an important function in the tank. Aside from making your aquarium look great, decorations can provide important hiding places for your fish.

Gravel comes in many colors and styles and is key to the look of your tank. If you want a colorful tank, you can get gravel in almost any color you want. If you prefer a more natural look, you can get white, off white or even gravel that looks like stone.

Aside from being decorative, gravel is also functional. Gravel plays in important role in the biological filtration of your tank as well as under gravel filtration if you have that type of system. It can also provide an anchor for root systems of live plants so it is important to be sure you choose the right type of gravel. It’ best to choose a gravel that is 4 to 6 millimeters, especially if you have an under gravel filter as this will help with water flow. Those neat looking shiny marble type stones you see are not recommended for gravel, but if you really like the look, you can scatter some on top of the gravel.

Rocks add a natural look to your tropical aquarium and provide a place for fish to hide behind. Rocks can also be handy as a surface for some types of aquarium plants to grow on such as Java Moss. You can buy interesting rocks in all shapes and sizes at your aquarium store. If you use rocks from your own yard, make sure you clean them thoroughly and rinse off any soapy restudy before putting them in the tank.

Bogwood is another great addition to a tropical aquarium and can help give your fish lots of places to hide and swim around in. This type of wood can last a long time in your tank and is available in most fish stores. It’s probably not a good idea to use wood you find in the woods or your yard as it can have parasites or other things that are not suited for tropical fish.

Live plants are a great way to enhance the natural look of your tropical aquarium while also helping to improve the water quality and providing the fish with a natural cover and spawning area. If you have ever tried to keep live plants and found they wilt and turn pale after a couple of weeks, this is probably because you have not provided them with enough (or the right kinds) of light. Most plants have specific lighting requirements and you may simply need to buy a different bulb for the tank. Once you do that, you will find live plants are easy to grow and will interest to your aquarium.

If you like a more traditional decorative look for your tropical aquarium, you may want to add in some interesting décor such as sunken treasure chests, underwater divers or greek ruins.

Your tropical aquarium can be decorated for any look you want as long as you be careful not to add anything that would be toxic to the tank. Be sure to clean and rinse anything you plan to add so as to not contaminate the tank.

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Aquarium Plants: One of the Best Ornaments in an Aquarium

Aquarium Plants: One of the Best Ornaments in an Aquarium

By Low Jeremy

Everybody understands the reason why most plants can be seen in many aquariums. Healthy plants and their lush are beautiful to look at when they are in an aquarium. They also create a natural setting in the aquarium.

Most of the fishes feel secure, less stressed and safe whenever they have plants to hide in. Some species of fish do not survive in an aquarium without any plants.

Aquarium plants will not only give the fishes a helpful shelter and make your aquarium look attractive but they can maintain the quality of the water as well. Plants and fish both exist on the wild and they will surely match well in your aquarium.

The wastes discharged by the fish contain compounds that are useful for the plant’s nutrition. Therefore, the organic wastes can be contained in the plants instead of seeing them float in the water. The plants must be pruned regularly and the dead parts must be eliminated from the aquarium ASAP.

Not only that, the aquarium plants will also provide a shelter to many micro organisms which are useful for the ecology and environment of the aquarium. In addition, plants have also the capacity to inhabit the growth of ugly algae since algae and plants compete for similar nutrients.

Most species of fish will never reproduce in an aquarium without plants. This is because some species need plants for them to feel secured enough to reproduce, while other species need the leaves of the plants to place their eggs in. An abundantly planted aquarium will also enhance the survival growth of the fry especially if you want to increase the number of fry in a similar aquarium like with the adult fish.

However, we all know that plants rely too much to light and photosynthesis. An aquarium with no plants will only need little. But if you are planning to have an abundant number of plants in your aquarium, you will be required to put new lights. A fluorescent light will be better to your planted aquarium, make sure that they are made especially for aquariums.

If you are a beginner, the plant species that will be suitable for you are the Java Moss and the Java Fern. These are strong plants that can survive in water hardiness and pH values. They can even be placed in a brackish aquarium like the Molly aquarium.

Aquarium plants are very important to the survival of most fishes in the aquarium. It does not matter what aquarium plant you choose, the important thing is you know how to maintain your aquarium as naturally as the fishes and plants habitat.

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