Black Widow

By Gary Bolton

Family: Characidae

Species: Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

Size: 5cm (2 inch)

Diet: Omnivorous

Tank levels: All

Habitat: Among tall plants in rivers in the Mato Grosso area, South America

Remarks: This is an ideal starter fish. A long-finned cultivated variety is shown in the image.

Comments: The Black Window’s oval body is marked by three dark vertical bars; through the eye, just behind the gill-cover, and at the base of the dorsal fin. Sex is generally distinguished by the more pointed dorsal fins and broader fronted anal fins on the males, and by the plumper bodies of females. Even though they have the same name as the very deadly spider called Black Widow, they are of do threat to humans, what-so-ever.


This fish comes from the “Tropical Fish” family species of fish. I hope you enjoyed this fish profile that I put together to help people to choose the right fish for the right aquarium tank setup you may own, or be thinking of buying in the future. If you require more information about keeping fish in general and what are the right fish to choose for your tank setups, you can always visit my site called “GB Aquarium” and see what’s posted new there and also join in the discussion taking place.

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