Emperor Tetra

By Gary Bolton

Family: Characidae

Species: Nematobrycon palmeri

Size: 6cm (2 half inch)

Diet: Omnivorous

Tank levels: All

Habitat: Streams and rivers in Colombia

Remarks: This peaceful fish looks best in a dark, well-planted tank. Easily bred, a pair may spawn a few eggs daily over a long time.

Comments: The dorsal surface of this peaceful tetra is pale brownish green, shading to a greenish violet. The lower half is black-blue, shading to cream-silver and giving the impression of a broad, dark band on the flanks. The long-based anal fin is yellowish. Above the “band”, males may have a row of red-brown scales, and females show more creamy brown colour. Very good choice to keep with other tetras.


This fish comes from the “Tropical Fish” family species of fish. I hope you enjoyed this fish profile that I put together to help people to choose the right fish for the right aquarium tank setup you may own, or be thinking of buying in the future. If you require more information about keeping fish in general and what are the right fish to choose for your tank setups, you can always visit my site called “GB Aquarium” and see what’s posted new there and also join in the discussion taking place.


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