Blind Cave Fish

Blind Cave Fish

By Gary Bolton

Blind Cave

Fish Family: Characidae

Species: Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus

Size: 9cm (3 half inch)

Diet: Omnivorous

Tank levels: All

Habitat: Underground cave waters in Mexico

Remarks: The eyes of this species have become superfluous as it navigates in totally dark underground waters using its lateral line system. It is content in a community tank, and rocky caves make appropriate additions.

Other Names: Formerly classified as Anoptichthys jordani

Comments: The head of this unusual fish is notable for the absence of eyes. The body has a highly arched dorsal profile and is almost featureless, being plain pink with a silvery sheen. Fins contain some colouring. I guess the saying goes. If you live in a room that never has lights on. This is the fish for you.


This fish comes from the “Tropical Fish” family species of fish. I hope you enjoyed this fish profile that I put together to help people to choose the right fish for the right aquarium tank setup you may own, or be thinking of buying in the future. If you require more information about keeping fish in general and what are the right fish to choose for your tank setups, you can always visit my site called “GB Aquarium” and see what’s posted new there and also join in the discussion taking place.

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