By Gary Bolton

Family: Serrasalmidae

Species: Colossoma bidens

Size: 40cm (16 inch)

Diet: Herbivorous

Tank levels: Upper and middle

Habitat: Guapore River, on the borders of Bolivia and Brazil

Remarks: The Pacu’s diet consists of fruit and vegetable matter, This species of fish can be confused with Colossoma brachipomum.

Comments: The shape of this fish resembles that of the Piranha. The chest area, the lower edge of the gill-cover, and the pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins are red. The rest of the body is silver with faint dark spots above the lateral line. There are teeth in the mouth, but the head is not as large as those of its carnivorous relatives. Anal and caudal fins have black edges.


This fish comes from the “Tropical Fish” family species of fish. I hope you enjoyed this fish profile that I put together to help people to choose the right fish for the right aquarium tank setup you may own, or be thinking of buying in the future. If you require more information about keeping fish in general and what are the right fish to choose for your tank setups, you can always visit my site called “GB Aquarium” and see what’s posted new there and also join in the discussion taking place!

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