Striped Anostomus

Striped Anostomus

By Gary Bolton

Family: Anostomidae

Species: Anostomus anostomus

Size: 18cm (7 inch)

Diet: Omnivorous

Tank levels: All

Habitat: Streams and rivers of the Orinoco and Amazon river systems in Guyana and Surinam

Remarks: This handsome, hardy species appreciates underwater roots and stout-leaved plants among which it can feed in its characteristic head-down position. it needs some green food and lots of space. This fish hardly ever rests.

Comments: The torpedo-shaped body of this species is yellow-gold with three broad, jagged-edged, dark bands running the length of the body. The flattened head carries a long, tapered snout and an acutely upturned mouth with a protruding lower jaw. The dorsal fin contains a red blotch, and the caudal fin has two bright red patches by the caudal peduncle.


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