Silvertip Tetra

Silvertip Tetra

By Gary Bolton


Family: Characidae

Species: Hasemania nana

Size: 5cm (2 inch)

Diet: Omnivorous

Tank levels: All

Habitat: Small streams in the San Francisco River region of Brazil

Other Name: Hasemania melanura, Hemigrammus nanus

Comments: This tetra’s basic body colour of golden brown varies from pale silver in females to a deep copper in males. This fish has transparent, yellowish fins tipped with white. Females are plumper, especially when spawning. These fish are well suited in a tank that has a current, as they come from the river regions, meaning they are quite a home in an aquarium that simulates the river conditions. Nice fish and easy to keep and breed, and will accept lots of different aquarium foods.


This fish comes from the “Tropical Fish” family species of fish. I hope you enjoyed this fish profile that I put together to help people to choose the right fish for the right aquarium tank setup you may own, or be thinking of buying in the future. If you require more information about keeping fish in general and what are the right fish to choose for your tank setups, you can always visit my site called “GB Aquarium” and see what’s posted new there and also join in the discussion taking place.

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